Troy Ounce

India Rupee Quanto futures


Contract Size

Quality Specification

Price Quote

Tick Size

Daily Price Movement Limit

Max Order Size

Trading Days

Trading Hours

Automatic Rollover Mechanism

Initial Risk Margin based on SPAN

Delivery Notice

Delivery Margin


32 troy ounces. (1 kg)

0.995 purity, as per Dubai Good Delivery Standard

US$ per troy ounce

US$ 0.10 (US $ 3.2 per contract)

No Price Limit

200 lots

Monday to Friday

07:00 - 20:00 Hours UAE time (GMT+4)

On any given trading day, unless a notice of delivery intent has been recieved by DCCC prior to 20:15 Hours UAE time, all open positions will be marked to market and automatically carried forward into the next trading session. For all carried forward positions a rollover fee will be applied.

USD 1,200 per contract, subject to change.

Before 20:15 Hours UAE time (GMT+4) on trading day.

5 times the Initial Margin, subject to change.